Printmaking Masterclass

Treat yourself to a fabulous full-time programme which gives you the opportunity to explore several aspects of the print medium and experiment combinations of printmaking techniques, with an emphasis on intaglio and relief methods as well as mixed processes.

A new world of image making will open up through creative experiments, as emphasis of this course is not only on the physical methods of the mediums or on the ability to produce multiples or limited edition prints. Emphasis is placed on the experimental and visual possibilities that printmaking offers, allowing you to develop your intellectual, creative and critical abilities through a variety of processes used in combination or on their own.

Beginners are also welcome to join this class.

Next available dates

1-8 June 2024

29 June - 6 July 2024

24-31 August 2024

BOOKing your class

We offer a complete package (tuition, excursion, accommodation and all meals) for a total cost of € 1350.
To book your place, a €300 deposit is required. Your balance must be paid in full prior to the start of your course.
Before booking, send an email to check availabillity - you can also pre-book your place (no deposit at this stage) which will hold your spot for up to one month.


Day 1

Guests will be welcomed in the afternoon after 2 pm. Pick up is in Torre de Passeri where coaches from Rome airports stop (check for coach schedules). If arriving by train, the pick up is at the train station in Torre de Passeri (please note that trains from Rome are slow and NOT advisable - if arriving from Rome, just get the bus/coach which will be very convenient and fast).
Meet and greet all participants is at 7:30 pm. A welcome drink awaits you while your tutor Colleen will outline the workshop content by leading a brief introduction to different printmaking methods which shall be explored during the following 6 days.
After a delicious dinner you will start working on ideas as a preparation for your work for the upcoming class.

Day 2

The course starts with an introduction of the art of Monotyping: the most painterly method among printmaking techniques.
There are a number of different ways to approach monotyping, some of which are unique to Colleen's practice and all of which will be explored during this exciting day: additive methods, direct tracing, subtractive methods, using stencils, adding texture and details with found materials as well as using different colors in a gradient or used as transparent layers.

Day 3

Etching day: after preparing the printing surface by beveling, sandpapering and degreasing, hard ground will be applied and an image can be drawn. After etching and printing the plate it is time to correct possible mistakes; you will will also learn how to add textural effects on your etched plate by applying inks, thus creating a monoprint.

Day 4

We will introduce etched textures by using the soft ground method. This will enable you to print all sorts of materials onto your zinc plate. To add tonal areas to your plate, you will learn how to aquatint your plate. There will be lots of practical demonstrations during this phase and opportunities to try each process. The focus will be on learning and experimenting different techniques allowing you to develop them further beyond this class.

Day 5

The morning will be spent understanding the potential of printmaking using simple materials such as plastic or cardboard, strings and fibers to create a printing plate called collagraph, a kind of glued collage which can be printed intaglio or relief. In the afternoon, we will go on a half day excursion to visit Rocca Calascio Medieval Castle, Santo Stefano di Sessanio Medieval village, and 2 churches in Bominaco, where you can marvel at the "Sistine Chapel" of Abruzzo.

day 6

We will work on your zinc plate again to learn how to add painterly effects using sugarlift, which is a way of adding brush strokes etched into the plate and printed as black or dark tone. You may also want to modify some parts of your drawing by adding drypoint or burnishing areas you want to modify. Spit bite might be introduced at this stage, depending on the quality of work we want to obtain. In the afternoon we shall start cutting our lino block ready to be printed on the following morning. You will learn about cutting techniques, controlling your tools, mark making as well as printing relief with a baren or a spoon. You will add color with rainbow rolls and finally complete an edition using the reduction print method.

day 7

Morning will be spent working on a reduction linoblock and in the afternoon we will print the collagraph prepared two days earlier. Your collagraph will be printed in different ways and you will learn to understand how to modify the plate each time it is printed.
The rest of the day will be spent finishing your work or finalising an edition. The afternoon ends with a review, reflection and evaluation of the work produced.

day 8

After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye, taking home new skills and a memorable experience.

BOOKing your class

We offer a complete package (class, accommodation and meals) for a total cost of € 1350.

TO BOOK: first send an email with your booking dates to check if there is availability