Intaglio Masterclass:

An exploration into advanced printmaking concepts and techniques

This course is designed to build on your existing printmaking skills and to improve and develop your work by using several intaglio techniques which can be combined together with other printmaking methods to create complex works of art. As a printmaker you will be encouraged and challenged into using new strategies to invigorate your work as well as refine previously learned processes.
This class is held in English

Course dates and costs

21 - 28 September 2024
€ 1350 for the complete programme including accommodation and all meals

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  • Design techniques: understand how old masters used to create effects of shadow and light without using aquatint: an understanding of basic principles through the creation of a hard ground etching by working with different line dephts and different textural effects
  • the multiple plate color etching process
  • traditional aquatint vs spray paint aquatint
  • achieve painterlly effects and tonal areas with the addition of sugarlift
  • exploring soft ground techniques with crayon-like marks and textural effects with found objects
  • engraving on plexiglass with different tools
  • color linocut and drypoint engraving combined
  • texturing with a dremel
  • ink properties: how to use and modify the viscosity of inks
  • fixing problems/mistakes
  • etching by colleen corradi brannigan